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Piano tuning Piano tuning

When you are playing your piano and hear something that doesn't sound right, count on The Piano Man to carefully and precisely adjust the strings to bring out the most harmonious sounds. After I am done with my work, I will play your piano to make sure it is in perfect tune.


My daddy had always said, “If you have time to do it over, you had time to do it right the first time.” I have lived by this rule all of my life and although a return trip is sometimes required, it is rare.  I always guarantee your satisfaction!

Get Me to Tune Your Piano

Reasonable rates for tuning projects

The base rate for tuning a piano in the Jackson Metro area is $145. This requires that the piano is already close to the A=440 cps target. If the piano is not close in pitch, then the charge will be $200, which involves two passes through the piano.


All of my work is performed at your location. Additional mileage charges may apply for service outside the Jackson Metro area. Your payment will be due at the time of service. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed!

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