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Piano repair
Piano repairing

Is your piano not playing the way it should be? Then you could benefit from the services of The Piano Man.  Repairs are additional to other costs and will have to be quoted.  It doesn't matter if you own a new or older piano - I can fix it.  Even an old neglected piano can usually be tuned to standard pitch with all the notes playing for no more than $600.


I will fix your piano in your home, right before your eyes.  When I am done, I will play the piano for you to hear that it is in tune.  If you are in need of a piano rebuild, I can refer you to the right people.

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Remarkable work

There are a lot of antique pianos out there and they can be beautiful. Most people will not work on them for you, but I will. I can make the repairs necessary to get your piano working, even for birdcage, square grand, and upright pianos.


Even if you have been told that your piano can't be fixed, call The Piano Man. You'll be glad you did!

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